Brow Rehab

Drew, Kate, Gwen, the 90’s idols have a lot to answer for, namely the destruction of our eyebrows. Yes it was a 90’s thing but fast forward 20 years & the ultimate fashion accessory are brows which show signs of over-plucking. The brow market is on the way to overtaking the mascara market showing just how popular they have become! But what about the victims of over-plucking, well the good news is there are now some serious brow-enhancing tricks, products & services out there to regain your brow power. Let the rehab begin.

Issue: ‘My brows are seriously thinning - help!’

The Fix: As we age just like hair on our head, the pigment fades which may mean it is time to consider tinting the brows, if this is not an option then use a fine brow pencil to draw fine strokes of ‘hair’. Follow with a brow gel, so it looks like you have some hair-like texture there.

Recommendation: Book a brow tint or purchase a Jane Iredale Retractable Brow Pencil at The Beauty Rooms.

Issue: ‘My hair grows downward’.

The Fix: When this happens the hair can grow downward & cover your brow bone, making your eyes look smaller. When having your eyebrow shape done, your Brow Technician will trim these hairs, applying an eyebrow gel may help the hairs in place.

Recommendation: Book a brow shape at The Beauty Rooms.

Issue: ‘My brows are practically gone or patchy’.

The Fix: Embrowdery is a less daunting prospect than brow tattooing. A pen-like tool is used to draw individual hairs onto the skin. The results will vary depending on how may top-ups.

Recommendation: Ask your Brow Technician about Embrowdery at The Beauty Rooms.

Issue: ‘I don’t like waxing & I can’t tolerate tweezing’.

The Fix: Threading maybe the perfect solution, it is gentle on the skin& 100% natural.

Recommendation: Threading is available at The Beauty Rooms.

Jane Iredale & High Definition Brows have a huge selection of products to suit your needs, why not call by The Beauty Rooms, Ballyshannon to speak or book an appointment with a brow expert.


Caroline Loughlin